The missions and functions        of the Colorado Issues Institute

Research is performed by the Colorado Issues Research Center (CIRC). The research mission of CIRC is to research civic and political engagement in Colorado by individuals and organizations as well as to provide research services to the academic community and the community at large.

More specifically--

Student learning: To provide students at Colorado colleges with engaged learning opportunities and enhanced civic engagement by participating in relevant community-oriented research projects.

Community service: To assist community and government by providing research services.

Faculty service: To help Colorado higher education faculty by providing research opportunities for students and professional development options for faculty members.

College service: To help Colorado colleges collect and analyze information to better assess and meet community needs.


Education is informing and enlightening others about state and local issues; teaching the process for uncovering, researching, and applying the knowledge of local issues—this includes providing resources for knowledge about local issues and how to research and understand issues (information literacy).

Disseminating issues resources and research results in the form of the three Colorado Issues Web sites: The Colorado Issues Institute, The Colorado Issues Digest, and the
Colorado Issues Journal.

The Colorado Issues Institute publishes results of community research projects from its Colorado Issues Research Center.

The Colorado Issues Digest publishes categorized listings of important Colorado issues with resource links for the use of the academic community and community at large.

The Colorado Issues Journal is an open access online journal providing a publishing venue for the academic community.

The Colorado Issues Institute is the executive body that undertakes and oversees the  research, education, and publishing presence in the websites of the Colorado Issues Web >

The Colorado Issues Institute--devoted to research, education, and publishing in the arena of local community issues.